Rekha Hazra

Loan use : To bear the repairing costs of the toilet.

41-year old Rekha lives in Munsefpara village at Basirhat, West Bengal. She lives there with her husband and their one son and one daughter who are students.


Her husband works in a small company whose income is barely enough to bear the household costs. Being a housewife Rekha is involved with a clothing business, mainly sari to help her family financially. But their income does not cover the household and educational expenses of their children. As a result Rekha is unable to repair her toilet and her family are facing the discomfort each day because it has no fixed roof and door; a curtain like sheet is used to cover the door. The walls are not plastered and they are on the verge of collapse. Due to lack of capital Rekha is seeked a loan of Rs. 12000 from BJS, Milaap’s partner.


With the loan amount she will buy construction materials to plaster the inner and outer walls of her toilet, fix a permanent door and make a concrete roof in her toilet. She hopes this will enable her to make her toilet healthy, hygienic and safety.Rekha thanks her generous lenders.