Gita Debnath

Loan Use : To purchase more logs of wood for her husband's firewood business.

Gita is a 48- year-old married woman from Neora village at Bashirhat. Besides being a homemaker she is engaged in a microenterprise of binding 'Bidi' (a type of cheap cigarette made of unprocessed tobacco wrapped in leaves). The couple has two daughters who got married.


Gita's husband deals with firewood selling business. He has been in this business for the last seven years. He purchases timbers from the nearby village market and sells to the local people as firewood. In the rural area people use firewood as fuel for cooking, so there is a great demand of it. This couple hopes to grow their small business so that they can improve their income for financial stability in her family. In spite of regular earnings, they are not able to improve their source of revenue. Gita wants to overcome this situation by expanding the business, and that is why she needs capital. So Gita decided to take a loan of Rs. 15,000 from BJS (Milaap’s partner).


She will use the loan amount to purchase timbers in a bulk for their business. Demand in the locality is the main reason for which they want to invest on this business. She hopes she will be able to enhance her business and income as well.They are thankful to both Milaap and BJS.