Rakhi Mondal

Loan use : To pay for purchasing raw materials to repair their present toilet.

Rakhi is a 24 year old lady, lives with her husband and a 6 years old son who attends school. She lives in Basirhat, West Bengal. Rakhi works as a domestic cook in her local area and her husband is a driver by profession.


Rakhi and her family are presently using a toilet which is in a very unhygienic condition because it does not have any septic tank and no proper sewage system. At the same time the toilet doesn’t have any plastered walls. This temporary arrangement would not hold well in future because the walls are on the verge of collapsing. But she does not have sufficient money to renovate the toilet after meeting the household needs with their insufficient income. This is why Rakhi is asking for a loan of Rs. 10000 from Milaap’s partner BJS to repair her toilet.


With the loan money she will buy construction materials for plastering the toilet walls and make it concrete. She will also repair the sewage system for her family’s proper hygiene and health.She is thankful toward her lenders.