Rehana Bibi

Loan use : To repair the toilet by plastering the walls.

Rehana is a 33-year-old young woman from Arbelia village in Baduria. She lives with her her husband and two children. She and her husband both received primary level education. Due to poverty her children were deprived of proper education, both are engaged in a small-scale sewing business.


Both the couple work hard to survive by running a dairy business. They sell milk and milk productsto their neighbourhood. They sell quality dairy products and earn an income to feed the entire family. Rehana wants to expand her dairy business which will give her an opportunity to produce more milk and earn sufficient money. So she is seeking a loan for Rs. 10,000 from Milaap's partner BJS.


With the loan amount, Rehana will be able to purchase one cow to increase the quantity of milk and produce different types of milk products like butter, paneer, ghee etc. She also wants to sell byproduct like cow dung which is widely used as fuel and farm manure in their locality. She hopes she can secure not only her future, but her family’s future as well by expanding her existing business. Rehana gives heartiest thanks to BJS and Milasp.