Jhuma Mondal

Loan use : To plaster the outer and inner walls of her toilet.

Jhuma is a 34-year-old woman, lives with her husband and one son in a small village named Kachharipara of Basirhat in West Bengal. She is an illiterate housewife. Due to financial stringency she could not provide education to their only son who knows to sign his name only and now works in a local general shop. Her husband sells fruits in the local market.


Jhuma and her family have a toilet which was constructed with raw bricks without a roof; a plastic sheet is used to cover the roof. Jhuma and her family members have been facing a lot of discomforts and shame because the toilet has no fixed permanent door. As a mother, she is always concerned of her family’s comfort, hygienic condition and safety. So she wants to repair her toilet. But her family income is insufficient to bear the cost of the construction materials for fulfilling her purpose. Thus Jhuma applied for a sanitation loan of Rs.10,000 from Milaap’s partner, BJS.


She will use the loan to purchase construction materials, pay the labour costs to plaster the walls and make a concrete roof of her toilet. This loan will help her family to access to a better toilet as well as improved health and safety.She is very much thankful to her lenders.