Putuli Halder

Loan Use : To purchase more goat kids for her animal selling business.

Putuli is 32 year old rural woman married to Balaram.She resides at Arshulla village in Baduria with her husband and two sons. Putuli received very limited education up to class 7 only due to her family's financial issues. She is motivated to provide education to her sons who are in class 6 & 7 and so she works tirelessly on her micro business.

She deals in the business of selling goats. She buys goat kids at low prices, brings them up and then sells them for meat in the market at higher prices. She does household activities and takes care of her goat kids by feeding them at home. She contributes her income to the family fund. Her husband also assists her in selling and maintaining these goats which have a lot of demand in her area during the local festive and wedding seasons. Currently she is not able to meet the demand. So she wants to take out a loan of Rs. 15,000 from BJS (Milaap’s partner).


With this loan money she will purchase some goat kids to sell more and seize the opportunity during this peak demand period. She hopes that she can ensure the financial stability for her family’s wellbeing and see her children become educated and independent.She is thankful to BJS and Milaap.