Dipa Halder

Loan use : To plaster the walls of their years old toilet.

Dipa is only 27 years old, lives with her husband and two children in a small village Uttar Bagundi at Basirhat, West Bengal. She is a mother of a daughter and a son. Her daughter attends school and son is a pre-schooler. Her husband is engaged with stone business. Being a house wife she is involved in household works and looking after her children.

The toilet Dipa and her family are presently using is in a very miserable condition. The roof of the toilet is made with mud tiles which are almost broken. After the construction of her toilet long ago, it was never plastered. The walls are of verge of collapse. For this reason Dipa and her family facing too many discomforts for using their toilet. But they do not have enough money to repair the toilet. This is why Dipa has applied for a loan of Rs.14,000 from Milaap’s partner BJS to purchase the raw materials to repair her toilet. She is grateful towards her lenders for this financial assistance in her crucial time.


Dipa will plaster the toilet walls and repair the roof by parting the broken mud tiles with new ones with the loan money to construct a hygienic and healthy sanitation for her family.