Aparna Mondal

Loan use :- To bear the repairing costs of the toilet.

27-year old Aparna lives in Saipala village at Basirhat, North 24- Pgs distict, West Bengal. She lives there with her husband and their two sons and one daughter who are all students.

Her husband is a worker in a small company whose income is barely enough to bear the household costs. Being a housewife Aparna looks after her family but fails to manage all household costs along with educational expenses of their children. As a result she and her family are facing the discomfort each day for their toilet because it has no roof and door; a plastic sheet is used to cover the roof. A curtain like sheet is used temporarily as a door of the toilet. Due to lack of capital she could not renovate it. That is why Aparna is seeking a loan of Rs. 10000 from BJS, Milaap’s partner to repair her toilet.

With the loan amount she will buy construction materials to build a concrete roof of her toilet and fix a permanent door. This loan will help her family to access a hygienic sanitation as well as improved health and safety.

Aparna thanks her generous lenders for their financial assistance.