Portfolio surpassed Rs.37 Crore || Twenty-fifth Branch of BJS at Shivmandir in Darjeeling district || We have reached at our sixth district at Darjeeling || The Official Logo changed || More than 35,000 active members. || Sixteen Financial Partners. || Nine Public Sector Banks as Financial Partners. || CoCA Grade “M4C2” || Rating Grade “MFI 3+”

THP Program

BJS started another initiative Targeting Hardcore Poor (THP) with the financial and technical support of Bandhan. Under this project 100 very poor (ultra poor) women have been selected under a pre-set selection criteria for uplifting their socio-economic condition. Primarily, they have been supported with their livelihoods. Then income generating assets have been distributed among them based on their desire and capability. Their activities are being monitored very closely and all sorts of technical support are being provided to nourish the assets for value addition. This is a noble initiative to bring these ultra poor women in the line of income generating activities and to graduate them to bring them in the main stream of microfinance.

News Update

Our Achievements

As on 30th November 2017
No. of Branches : 25
No. of Districts : 6
No. of Blocks : 45
Total Staff Strength : 130
No. of Frontline Staff : 83
No. of Active Groups : 2,199
No. of Active Members : 35,229
No. of Active Borrowers : 27,440
Cummulative Loan Disbursed (in Lakhs) : 23,803.99
Loan Portfolio (in Lakhs) : 3,777.75
Average Loan Size on outstanding : 13,767
On time Repayment Rate : 99.89%
No. of Loans per Credit Officer : 331

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